How to care for your veil? 
Once you have received you veil it is important to take it out of it's box and gently drape it over a soft hanger (we recommend, fabric or wood) somewhere unobstructed. The natural properties of our soft tulle will allow the wrinkles to gently fall out on their own if left to drop. In the event that you have some stubborn wrinkles, we recommend hanging it in the bathroom with a hot shower on for 5-10 minutes to allow the fabric to soften further. Do not steam, iron or dry-clean, our beautiful veils are very delicate and require special handling.  
How do I know if this colour tulle will match my dress?   
The ‘ivory’ tulle we use for our veils has a warm off-white hue, chosen to suit the majority of designer gowns.    
Do I need a hair trial with my veil?  
If you are choosing to wear one of our tradition veils (with a hair-comb) we do recommend a pre-wedding hair trial. These veils are best placed by your hairdresser and therefore will help them to understand the look you want and how it will work with your veil. If you are wearing one of our VCLIP™ veils you can just take the comb or clip to the hairdresser for placement.     
What is a Blusher?  
The blusher is the piece of the veil that is designed tone worn over your face, and is usually worn for the ceremony.          
How do I store my veil after my wedding?  
We recommend keeping your veil in the box, in a cool dry place, away from any mildew or mould.       
If changed my mind, can I return it?  
Please visit our Shipping + Returns page for the full rundown on returns and exchanges. 



Our jewellery is handmade and can be fragile.
Jewellery containing glass, resin or semi-precious stones are delicate and should be handled with care.
Crystal or glass stones breaking from mishandling is not considered a manufacturing fault.
If pressure is placed on the earring posts or if they are bent out of shape, they can become weak, which may result in breakage.
Please ensure to keep jewellery in its original packaging for safe keeping.
Cleaning with a soft cloth or warm soapy water is recommended when necessary but ensure all items are thoroughly dried afterwards.
Abrasive or chemical cleaners should never be used.
Due to the nature of gold and silver plating, the finish may rub off or discolour over time. This is natural wear and tear and is not considered a manufacturing fault.


Natural stones vary in colour and size.
Your piece will bear individual characteristics and although equally as beautiful and unique, it may vary slightly from the photograph on the website.
Slight variations are desired.
We are unable to accept exchanges based on the individual characteristics of stones.