A vehement exploration of a new era in Bridal.

Boldly feminine, sophisticated and modern, this collection plays with the balance between strength and softness, allowing brides to break free of trends and select pieces that truly resonate with them.

The Video

The Release

Launching the 16th September, 2021, 22 new icons will be released across a week, comprising of Jewellery, Veils and Vegan Furs.
See first hand our release schedule below.

The Jewellery

The jewellery designs are pearl-focussed, celebrating the purity, luminosity and precious nature of this earthy element.

Thursday 16th: MATILDA + DAKOTA


Saturday 18th: IMOGEN + ELLERY

Sunday 19th: GIGI + SOPHIA

Monday 20th: LUNA + ISLA

The Veils

Deeply romantic, ethereal veils intricately adorned with lace, flowers and pearls sit beside an existing contemporary offering.
All include options for the Amélie George’s VCLIP Detachable Veil system.

Veil designs include (all in Ivory):
PEARL: Fingertip + Blusher, Chapel + Blusher
FLOWER: Fingertip, Chapel
LACE: Fingertip + Blusher, Chapel + Blusher
SIMPLE: Chapel in White.
* Custom length and colour upon request

The Vegan Furs

Our third offering, bold and feather-light vegan furs, effortlessly wear over a bride’s gown in cooler months.

Vegan fur designs include:
Large Coat (pictured)
Bubble Sleeve Jacket
Cropped Jacket (pictured)
Large Shawl
Bubble Shawl (pictured)
Scarf (pictured)

A balanced and uncontrived luxury offering, it is a celebration of nature’s beauty and delivers new icons to today's brides.

Designed for you to love,
Sarah & Alison x