NIA - Art Deco Stud Crystal Wedding Earrings - Silver

$111.41 CAD

Introducing our enchanting NINA, Square Art Deco Stud Crystal Wedding Earrings, a harmonious fusion of vintage elegance and contemporary sophistication.

Inspired by the timeless allure of Art Deco design, these square stud earrings feature a captivating arrangement of sparkling crystals meticulously set in an intricate geometric pattern. The exquisite craftsmanship captures the essence of Art Deco's opulence and refinement, making these earrings a stunning complement to any bridal ensemble.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, each crystal reflects light with captivating brilliance, adding a touch of radiance to your wedding day look. The square shape and sleek silhouette lend a modern twist to the classic Art Deco style, making these earrings truly unique and distinctive.

These crystal earrings are lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to cherish every moment of your special day without any hassle. Their versatility ensures they can be cherished as treasured keepsakes, worn for future special occasions, and handed down through generations as timeless heirlooms.


-Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel Pin

Amélie George pieces are carefully packaged in our Luxury Gift Box.