The brand name, AMÉLIE GEORGE, is a reflection of the beautiful and feminine French influence on one hand and the modern and masculine Greek influence on the other. The name AMÉLIE, with its French origin, embodies a sense of beauty and lustre that is evident in every design. On the other hand, GEORGE, which has its roots in Greek mythology, brings a sense of strength and balance to the brand. The name George or ‘Georgos’ represents the modern and masculine side of the brand, and it perfectly complements the feminine and delicate designs of Amélie.

By intertwining these two distinct influences, AMÉLIE GEORGE is able to create a unique and balanced aesthetic that appeals to modern brides around the world. The strength and beauty of the designs are embodied in the brand's very name, making it a perfect reflection of the sophisticated and elegant pieces that the brand creates.

AMÉLIE GEORGE, a stunning collection of jewellery for the modern bride, was founded in November 2018 by Sarah Turner Woolfrey and Alison Clouston, two close friends who share a passion for timeless, elegant designs. The brand is a celebration of womanhood, a journey that is marked by light and shade, tradition and modernity.
With a focus on natural beauty and playful undertones, each piece in the AMÉLIE GEORGE collection is carefully crafted to embody the essence of the modern bride. From delicate earrings and bracelets to statement necklaces and hairpieces, every design is thoughtfully created to reflect the brand's commitment to quality, style, and elegance.

The AMÉLIE GEORGE jewellery line is based in Melbourne, Australia, and has become a well-known and beloved brand among brides worldwide. The team is proud to create jewellery worn on some of the most special days in a bride’s life, and being a part of those moments is a true honour.

With their dedication to creating timeless designs, using only the highest quality materials, and their passion for celebrating the journey of womanhood, Sarah and Alison have established AMÉLIE GEORGE as a go-to jewellery brand for modern brides seeking sophisticated and elegant pieces. Whether you're walking down the aisle or simply looking for a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery, AMÉLIE GEORGE has something truly special to offer.

Photographer  - Miranda Stokkel