What colour veils do you offer? 

We offer IVORY as our standard, and WHITE as a custom order. Sample packs are available HERE and also include PEARL and FLOWER samplers.



What colour veil should I order? 

We recommend matching your veil to the colour of your wedding dress. We have found that most wedding dresses are Ivory as opposed to White as common belief. A dress in Bridal White is quite a cool, almost metallic, tone.



How do I know which length I should order? 

To determine your veil length, we recommend looking at images of our real brides wearing our different length veils to determine the look you are after. 



What length veils do you offer? 


125cm 'Fingertip’ - Finish around your fingertips. 

250cm ‘Chapel’ - Trails just behind the train on your dress. 

350cm ‘Cathedral’ - This is a statement length. 



100cm 'Fingertip’ - Finish around your fingertips. 

200cm ‘Chapel’ - Trails just behind the train on your dress. 

350cm ‘Cathedral’ - This is a statement length. 


* Our embellished veils are cut shorter to accommodate for the extra drop from the weight of the pearls. 



125cm 'Fingertip’ - Finish around your fingertips. 

250 ‘Chapel’ - Trails just behind the train on your dress. 



90 + 70cm 'Fingertip’ - Finish around your fingertips. 

250 + 70cm ‘Chapel’ - Trails just behind the train on your dress. 



What is a Blusher?  

A Blusher is the piece of the veil that is designed to be worn over your face. This is usually worn as you walk down the aisle. 



What veil attachments do you offer? 

We offer the traditional hair-comb attachment in either Gold or Silver and our VCLIP™ detachable veil system that comes with both finishes. 



Which veil attachment should I choose? 

The traditional hair-comb is the perfect option if you know you want to have your wedding photos with a veil either on or off. Uncomplicated, this traditional veil attachment will be secured by your hairdresser before your ceremony. 


Our VCLIP™ detachable veil system offers you effortless flexibility. Similar in concept to the 'detachable train', a discrete comb or clip is secured in your hair allowing our VCLIP™ magnetised veil to be easily attached or removed throughout your day. This choice is perfect if you want to add and remove your veil throughout the day. You receive both Gold and Silver accessories in this system. 



The veil I am interested in is not in stock, what is a pre-order? 

If the veil you are interested in is unavailable please contact us at hello@ameliegeorgebridal.com to discuss timing regarding a pre-order or custom link on a veil. We can usually finish custom orders in less than two months.



Can I get a custom veil made? 

Yes, you can get a CUSTOM VEIL made. We charge a $50AUD custom fee for all changes made. All custom colour and length orders take six weeks to manufacture and due to their handmade nature are a final sale and therefore non-refundable. Please email us at hello@ameliegeorgebridal.com for a more detailed quote.



How will my veil arrive?

Your veil will arrive carefully packaged in our Large Luxury Gift Box.



How do I store my veil once it has arrived? 

We recommend leaving your veil in its box until a week or so before your wedding. Then, take your veil out of its box and gently drape it over a soft fabric hanger somewhere high where the tulle is unobstructed. 

Left to hang the natural properties of our soft tulle will allow the wrinkles to gently fall out on their own. If you have some more stubborn wrinkles or you do not have enough time to let it drop naturally we recommend hanging it in the bathroom with a hot shower on for 5-10 minutes. The steam will help speed up the softening process. DO NOT IRON.  



Do I need a hair trial with my veil? 

If you are choosing to wear one of our traditional veils we do recommend a pre-wedding hair trial. These veils are best placed by your hairdresser and therefore will help them to understand the look you want and how it will work with your veil. 

 If you are wearing one of our VCLIP™ veils you can just take the comb or clip to the hairdresser for placement.   



How can I clean my veil after my wedding? 

We recommend you have your veil DRY CLEANED along with your wedding dress by a company that specialises in wedding dresses. 



How do I store my veil after my wedding?  

Once dry cleaned, we recommend keeping your veil our Large Luxury Gift Box. In a dry place, away from any mildew or mould.    



If I change my mind, can I return the veil?  

Please visit our Shipping + Returns page for information on returns and exchanges.