BRIDAL ESSENTIALS SILK PACK - BLUSH PINK - 100% Mulberry Silk - Eyemask, Headband, Scrunchie


Each pack includes an eye mask, headband and scrunchie made from 100% mulberry silk. ALSO AVAILABLE IN IVORY WHITE.

Recommended by hairdressers and beauty experts, our 100% mulberry silk packs are a 'must have' for all brides and bridesmaids in the lead up to the special day. 

Designed to take the very best care of your skin and hair, our packs will ensure you get the best sleep in the lead-up and have no hair creases while you and your bridesmaids are getting ready on the wedding morning.

HEADBAND: Our 100% mulberry silk headband is designed to be worn whilst getting your makeup done.  Reducing friction on your hairline and protecting your delicate skin allowing your makeup artist to create your perfect bridal look.

SCRUNCHIE: Our 100% mulberry silk large scrunchies are designed to minimise hair creases and friction. Wear in the lead-up to ensure your very best hair.

EYE MASK: Our 100% mulberry silk eye mask is the secret to a great night's sleep in the lead up to the special day. This silky mask shields the eye area from light and is soft on your delicate eye area.


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